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Mäurer & Wirtz was founded in 1854 by Michael Mäurer and his stepson, Andreas Wirtz, in the small town of Stolberg near Aachen, Germany.

This company has been staying in the family for five generations so far.

With their top sellers TABAC ORIGINAL and IRISCH MOOS they possess 2 of the world wide most known fragrances for men.

Tabac Original was launched in 1955 and became a big success not only because of its addictive fragrance but also because of its wide range of products which Mäurer & Wirtz produces up until today. The consumer looking for wet shaving solutions will find 4 different types : shaving foam, shaving cream and a shaving soap in stick and round form. 

Irisch Moos hit the market in 1969 and is a topseller until today. It is still being produced and the original formulation of ingredients remained unchanged since the first launch. With its refreshing, spicy and invigorating character, Irisch Moos still meets the expectations of thousands of users.


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